My ninth grade English teacher once told me that writing was my niche. She asked me if I knew what a niche was. I said no, I didn’t, not really. She said “It’s your thing. It’s what you’re good at. And I can tell you’re a good writer.” I was slightly embarrassed to be told this in front of the whole class after she had read aloud almost all of my essay questions, yet it thrilled me as well. Something within me sparked and I have never forgotten that feeling. It’s funny how words can stick with you even decades later.

I love to write. I love to create. Characters which are conceived inside my head come to life on a page. They laugh, they cry, they love, they hate. They speak to me. Sure I’ve always loved to write, I’ve always been good at it. But suddenly I’ve entered this world of imagination that I never realized existed. It’s a writer’s secret…how stories come alive. Writing is not a one-dimensional activity, merely sitting down and writing out our thoughts. For me, writing is like watching a movie within my imagination and writing down what I see. It’s fascinating.

And so begins my blog. A place to think and to write and to express myself…whatever pops into my head. Such freedom is bliss!