I miss those days of playing in the rain and rolling in the grass. Those days of collecting roly-polies in jars underneath the cool of the house in summertime. I miss jumping on trampolines and racing down water slides. I miss night swimming and my mother’s cooking. Funny how those days of childhood slip away so quietly. We had hoped for the days to past quickly, for the school years to fly by, for Christmases and birthdays to hurry up and get here. And little by little, our childhood disappeared.

What have we left behind now that we’ve grown up? Childhood friends who have moved away, visiting our grandparents who have long since passed, and time with our parents that we took for granted.  Days are numbered the older we get. Time still slips by as quickly as it ever did, and now that we’re older and we see its passage, we are helpless to stop it. We long to turn back and return to simpler times when we heard our mother humming in the kitchen or our dad whistling in the yard. How we long to hear their laughter. How we miss their voices.

Now that we are older, we follow in our parents’ footsteps. We are the ones who have grown older than we ever thought we would. Not too long ago, such an age seemed a million years away. Now we look behind us to see our children becoming adults, and we look ahead of us and see our parents turning into our grandparents. We wish to freeze time. We wish to stay in this moment so that Christmas doesn’t come too fast, so that birthdays don’t rush by, so that voices of those we love don’t quietly disappear.

How we long for simpler times.

by Janet Robinson © 2012